Condensed Matter Theory Group - Alumni

Former PhD Students

Hao Wu, PhD 2016
Thesis: Excitations in Topological Superfluids and Superconductors
Position: Quantitative Analysis Group - Goldman-Sachs
Erhai Zhao, PhD 2006
Thesis: Riccati Amplitude Approach to Non-equilibrium Superconductivity near Spin-Active Interfaces,
Position: Professor, George Mason University
Anton Vorontsov, PhD 2005
Thesis: Theoretical Investigations of Superfluid 3He Films
Position: Associate Professor, Montana State University
Priya Sharma, PhD 2003
Thesis: Theoretical Study of 3He in Aerogel
Position: Research Associate, Royal Holloway University of London
Dandong Xu, PhD 1995
Thesis: Electromagnetic Response of d-wave Superconductors
Geneva Moores, PhD 1994
Thesis: Transverse Acoustic Properties of Superfluid 3He-B
Taku Tokuyasu, PhD 1990
Thesis: Vortex States in Unconventional Superconductors
Position: Computational Biologis, University of California San Francisco
Ross McKenzie, PhD 1988
Thesis: Nonlinear Interaction of Zero Sound with the Order Parameter Collectives Modes in 3He-B
Position: Professor of Physics, University of Queensland, Australia
Jens Jensen, PhD 1987
Thesis: Transport Theory of Polarons
Position: Professor of Radiology, Medical University of South Carolina
Randy Fishman, PhD 1985
Thesis: Response Functions and Collective Excitations of 3He in a Magnetic Field
Position: Group Leader, Materials Theory Group, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Vladimir Vulovic, PhD 1983
Thesis: Superfluidity in 3He-A and Neutron Stars
Position: Microsoft Corporation

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