Suppression of Superconductivity in UPt3 Single Crystals

Author(s): J. B. Kycia, J.I. Hong, D.N. Seidman, W.P. Halperin, J. A. Sauls
Comments: 4 pages with 4 figures
Journal: Physical Review B 58, R603 (1998) [DOI] . [PDF]


High quality single crystals of UPt3 have been prepared by vertical float-zone refining in ultra-high vacuum. We find that the superconducting transition temperature can be varied systematically by annealing, revealing that the transition temperature intrinsic to UPt3 is 563 ± 5 mK. The suppression of the superconducting transition from defects is consistent with a modified Abrikosov-Gor'kov formula that includes anisotropic pairing, Fermi surface anisotropy, and anisotropic scattering by defects.

Paper: [PDF] [arXiv]

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