Models for Superfluid 3He in Aerogel

Author(s): E.V. Thuneberg, S.K. Yip, M. Fogelstrom and J. A. Sauls
Journal: Phys. Rev. Lett. 80 2861 (1998) [DOI]
Abstract: Several recent experiments find evidence of superfluidity of 3He in 98 percent-porous aerogel. The primary effect of the aerogel is that it scatters the quasiparticles of 3He. We find that many experimental findings are quantitatively understood by a relatively simple model that takes into account strong inhomogeneity of the scattering on a length scale of 100 nm.

Comments: 4 pages with 2 figures
The orignal version for this article on Scattering Models for Superfluid 3He in Aerogel was submitted for publication to Physical Review Letters and posted on arXiv on January 31, 1996. The key results contined in the 1996 version were later published in the revised version in March 1998. The 1996 arXiv version included the effects of random anisotropy and the Larkin-Imry-Ma effect on the chiral order parameter for the A-phase, and its implications for the NMR signature of the disorderd A-phase. The original manuscript also includes formulas for computing the effects of impurity scattering on the GL material parameters as well as the hydrodynamic parameters and NMR frequency shifts for A- and B-like phases.

Original Version: [PDF 1996] [arXiv 1996]

Published Version: [PDF] [arXiv]

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