Proximity effects of a thin film of unconventional superconductor in contact with a magnetic substrate

Author(s): Y. S. Sun, S.-K. Yip and J. A. Sauls
Comments: 3 Journal pages
Journal-ref: Thin Solid Films, 216, 49-51 (1992)

We suggest some new experiments that might be used to distinguish between states of various representations of uncoventional superconductivity. In particular we investigate pair-breaking effects for various models of the order parameter in the thin films in contact with a magnetic substrate. The effect of a magnetic field on a thin film is qualitatively different for even- and odd-parity superconductors, depending strongly on the orientation of the field relative to that of the order parameter (and therefore to the crystallographic orientation), with the superconductivity entirely suppressed for some special orientations.

Talk: International Workshop on Science and Technology of Thin Films for the 21st Century, Evanston,IL, USA, July 28-August 2, 1991.

Paper: [PDF]

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