On the dynamical coupling between the superfluid interior and the crust of a neutron star

Author(s): M. A. Alpar and J. A. Sauls
Comments: 3 Journal pages
Journal-ref: Ap. J. 327, 723-725 (1988)

Some implications of earlier work on the coupling of a neutron star's superfluid core to its crust are clarified. It is shown that the very short time, τv, for the relaxation of relative velocity between the plasma interior (protons and electrons) and the neutron vortices implies a time scale τd = τv × (ρ / ρc) for the coupling of the neutron star's core superfluid to the crust where ρ (ρc) is the total (charged) fluid density. One consequence of such a short coupling time is that free precession of a neutron star, as is suggested for the 35-day mode of Her X-1, must be continuously excited, as it would otherwise be damped out in 400-10,000 precession periods.

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