Response functions and collective modes of 3He in strong magnetic fields:
Determination of material parameters from experiments

Author(s): R. S. Fishman and J. A. Sauls
Comments: Journal pages
Journal-ref: Phys. Rev. B 38, 2526 (1988)

This is the second of two papers on the response functions and collective modes of 3He-B in a strong magnetic field. Here we compare the theory developed in the first paper [R. S. Fishman and J. A. Sauls, Phys. Rev. B 33, 6068 (1986)] with the susceptibility data of Scholz and Hoyt et al., and with the collective-mode data of Shivaram et al. at the lowest pressures, where strong-coupling corrections to the BCS free energy are known to be negligible. In principle this comparison yields new results for some of the material parameters of liquid 3He. Determinations of these material parameters are important for testing the consistency of quasiclassical theory and the interpretation of different measurable properties of He3, and perhaps future microscopic theories of quantum liquids. The material parameters extracted from these two different data bases are in serious disagreement, and cannot be reconciled even with radically different empirical temperature scales. We do, however, find that our determination of the f-wave interaction at p ≈ 0 bar agrees with that obtained by Meisel et al. who analyze the zero-field squashing-mode data.

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