Influence of strong-coupling corrections on the equilibrium phase for 3P2 superfluid neutron-star matter

Author(s): V. Z. Vulovic and J. A. Sauls
Comments: 7 Journal pages
Journal-ref: Physical Review D, 29, 2705-2711 (1984)

We calculate strong-coupling corrections to the 3P2 neutron-star-matter Ginzburg-Landau functional including spin-orbit and central forces. Based on a two-parameter approximation for the spin-orbit scattering amplitude and typical estimates for the neutron-matter Landau parameters we conclude that the most likely equilibrium phase of 3P2 neutron matter is described by a unitary order parameter. Better calculations of neutron-matter parameters, particularly the spin-orbit scattering amplitude, would allow a stronger conclusion.

Paper: [PDF]

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