Vortices in rotating 3He-A

Author(s): A. L. Fetter, J. A. Sauls and D. L. Stein
Comments:14 pages with 7 figures
Journal-ref: Physical Review B 28, 5061-5074(1983)

Abstract: We investigate the properties of rotating 3He-A in the absence of a magnetic field. For fast rotating 3He-A (Ω ≫ Ωc1) we find a transition from the type-I lattice of nonsingular vortex textures discussed by Fujita et al. to a lattice of singular 2π vortex textures with polar cores at a rotation speed of Ω = (ℏ/2m3)(3LD)-2 ≈ 32 rad/sec for T≈ Tc. A second transition to a lattice of singular vortices occurs at a much higher rotational speed Ω ≈ 0.1 Ωc2. We also discuss ion mobility and sound attenuation in these vortex textures.

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