Fermi Liquid Superconductivity
    Concepts, Equations, Applications

Author(s): M. Eschrig, J. A. Sauls, H. Burkhardt and D. Rainer
Comments: 34 pages with 15 figures
Eprint: Fermi Liquid Superconductivity - Concepts, Equations and Applications, pp. 413-446, in Lecture Notes for the 1998 NATO Advanced Study Institute on Superconductivity, Albena, Bulgaria (1998), published as ``High-Tc Superconductors and Related Materials Materials Science, Fundamental Properties, and Some Future Electronic Applications'', Eds. S. L. Dreschsler and T. Mishonov, Volume 86, 559 pages, Springer, 2001. ISBN 0792368738, 9780792368731. [NATO ASI Book]

The theory of Fermi liquid superconductivity combines two important theories for correlated electrons in metals, Landau's theory of Fermi liquids and the BCS theory of superconductivity. These lecture notes summarize the conceptual framework of the Fermi liquid theory of superconductivity, decribes the fundamental equations and their basis as an expansion in low-energy and long-wavelength scales compared to microscopic scales set by the normal metallic state, and finally recent applications of this theory to transport and vortex dynamics in layered, high Tc superconductors.

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